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tv   Michael Medved The American Miracle  CSPAN  October 14, 2017 9:46pm-10:01pm EDT

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[laughter] [cheers and applause]
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. >> booktv policies then to space let freedom of us did las vegas. we are interviewing authors up next is michael medved his most recent book "the american miracle" divine providence in the rise of the republic", what was your goal with his book?. >> to answer the fundamental question that has a profound consequences to all of the culture the way americans look at our country. herald did america rise to world dominance? from the 1600's? america us was largely wilderness there was a desperate number of native
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american cultures and all of a sudden we have a historical time, the world's dominant civilization to share in north america. so often america rose to world power guilty of exploiting slave labor and spoiling the environment and slaughtering millions. but that is not with every significant american leader believes that they believe the rise of the united states occurred with divine providence because this sensation by a higher power to use this country to uplift the world that was the of belief of jefferson
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that was unconventional to say the least for go right through franklin roosevelt. jedi argued in the book there is a far more reasonable belief than any alternative because the people may say america as benefit but the pattern of happy accidents is still a pattern not of random evolution of design and pattern and that is the sense that america should regain. >> host: looking for indications of a torah providence a search. >> guest: [laughter] yes. one of the things that people say looking at some of the stories recently
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there was a stage in a car window that looked like a virgin mary. okay. that is fine but that is looking at a little thing as an indication of something big. but what i do it in "the american miracle" is to look at big things and the point is not that we are uniquely good or deserving of a reward but what abraham lincoln said the last three chapters of the book are weakened and his struggle. he is a the term repeatedly at least 12 times in public correspondents he felt he was the instrument of a higher power.
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hopes not as the author but as the instrument and that has been the american idea. in 1893 going to the top of pike's peak said of their cuts god shed his grace on the. it is undeserved as robert frost said it is a gift that is given so america can serve a higher purpose. that seems undeniable. like napoleon bonaparte somebody who was known for seizing territory what led
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him to the consternation of those brothers you tried to stop him? five times the size of france itself through the of louisiana purchase. jefferson brought the deal homes. napoleon was giving it to the country. there was the heir of enchantment. of course as a late rival shortly before he was killed but hamilton wrote clearly he would rather give credit to god they and thomas jefferson. but this story depends on
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about 15 different things happening but that was the only time in all of human history in 5,000 years has there ben a slave rebellion. forcing bonn a party and with this huge tract implant -- a lovely and. >> host: are there only other examples of divine providence?. >> in the buck i am working on right now the first part of a two-part series between
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1620 in the end of the civil war and lincoln's assassination. for those that our extraordinary. but at the end of the cold war that was clear and apparent apparent on to old men in 1981 coming within a quarter of an inch and he would have bled to death he wanted to go back to the white house.
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>> and he was very close to death. that the bullets go a little bit this way and that way. with that intimate blessing that i have distant relatives so if you look at the fact with the czech republic and slovakia you may not be old enough to remember we thought you were
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nuts. to be a part of nato? are you kidding me? this is a very big development. but we won the war but they wanted to iran note -- aniks
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mexico. but in any event from the state department. was jefferson's last but in any event and he goes the anti-slavery. to know more represent the united states. >> we speak fluent fan -- spanish. and to bring back in change.
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but with february 2nd. that focuses that what they were particularly concerned about. to take over california. and to rip up the treaty. but then he finished the treaty outside of sacramento and he had no idea. and by the way that changed america to come round of the california gold rush. with that the enormous expansion of the american economy.
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>> host: in your book michael medved says the u.s. say is the centrally event. the book is called "the american miracle" divine providence in the rise of the republic" and michael medved is the author this is booktv on location at freedom fest in las vegas
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>> host: thanks for joining us i have tom davis the book is "citizen newt" by 89 and -- craig shirley ice enjoyed the book is the easy read


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